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Case Studies

Tug Boats

PURCHASED 6 X Tugboats + 2 X Desalination barges from the American Military Refurbished and supplied to Nigeria - Bermuda - Dubai - Cyprus

Oilrig Decommissioning

We purchase generators - Firepumps - Hydraulic Powerpacks - Winches - Cranes - Accomomadation Modules and more.

Military Surplus

Large quantities of military surplus equipment purchased and resold worldwide.


Locomotives purchased from U.K. MOD supplied to IRONORE projects in West Africa.

MAN 8x8 Trucks

Multiple MAN 8x8 trucks purchased from NATO res up-lied to projects across Africa

Sonic Drillrig

Sonic drillrig purchased-supplied to a mining project in Mexico


Generators from Oilrig Decommissioning Project purchased and resold to Vietnam


Firetrucks purchased from numerous sources - supplied to mining operations in Africa

Specialist Trucks

Specialist Trucks and equipment purchased and supplied to Goldmines in West Africa


Generators purchased from American Airforce base in Germany


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